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- What is the difference between the Tribute to Women Award and the Emerging Leader Award: The Tribute to Women award is awarded to women in executive level  positions, exhibit exceptional management skills in leading employees or managing work groups or projects and are accountable for a significant share of the organizational annual budget or executive level responsibility for financial performance of the organization.

The Emerging Leader award is awarded to women who have the POTENTIAL to meet the qualifications of the Tribute to Women awards. These exceptional women are in the first five years of their career but show strong evidence of leadership and eventual executive potential.

- How many nominations can my company submit: There is no limit on the number of nominations a company submits. However, there is a limit set for the number of Honorees per company. For the Tribute to Women category, a maximum of FOUR Honorees can be selected per company, EACH from a different business unit or division. For the Emerging Leader category,  there is a limit of ONE Honoree per company

- I answered NO to a pre-qualification question, what do I do next: Please contact us by email by clicking HERE ; please do not proceed with the rest of the nomination. 

- Is there fees for submitting nominations: There is NO fees for submitting nominations. Companies with selected Honorees will be contacted regarding Honoree fees and to explore sponsorship opportunities.

- What is the Honoree fee and when do I pay it: A participating company is committed to pay an Honoree fee only when a Nominee is selected as an Honoree. We will be contacting the nominator or application contacts for details on how to pay the fee.

- When will I get to know if my nominee has been selected as an Honoree: Nominators will be informed of their Honorees by early February 2017.

- We wish to sponsor the event, who do we contact: We are thrilled that you are considering partnering with YWCA Silicon Valley to sponsor the Awards. Please contact us HERE

- If your question has not been answered by any of the above, please contact:

Nisha Koul; Phone: 408-295-4011 Ext. 256